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Welcome to The Sunflower Clinic in Hahndorf South Australia.

My name is Hardo Bottin and I have been working as a Therapist for nearly 30 years.
During this time I have been able to identify the most powerful ways by which to recover from any challenge be it Mentally, Emotionally, Physically or Spiritually.

The focus of the Sunflower Clinic is to support clients in their recovery…. this means that I do not TREAT disease or illnesses but support the client in their desire to recover.
In order to achieve this recovery I avail myself of a number of different modalities all of which are focused on the person rather than their ailment.

My first and foremost objective is to investigate:
The most powerful and effective way to establish a client’s current health and the strength of his/her constitution is through Advanced Live and Dried Blood Microscopy. The blood does not lie and communicates very clearly where the imbalances are and how they have affected the individual as a whole.
From here I can determine what the next steps need to be to achieve the recovery desired by the client.

What has been apparent over the years is that in order to achieve this recovery the 4 physical channels of elimination need to be open and as such I have introduced the following modalities:
Respiration ( Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)
Defecation ( Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy)
Urination ( Intake of increased volume of high pH water to flush the kidneys and alkalize the tissue)
Perspiration ( using a Far Infrared Sauna)

Unless these 4 channels are open and functioning at their best no recovery is possible. Recovery is mainly dependent upon the person’s ability to release toxins….this is achieved through the four channels of elimination.

If there are only 2 channels open than these 2 have to compensate for those that are mal-functioning. This places undue stress on the remaining channels possibly leading to a premature demise in their proper function in the future.

Additional to these 4 physical channels we have 3 other channels which need to be open and functioning at their best.

The Mental, Emotional and Spiritual channels:
As we open theses channels through a process I call “INTEGRATIVE COUNSELLING” the client is able to identify how these aspects of their beingness have contributed to their physical ailment or prevented the problem from being resolved.

If an individual is dealing with specific challenges in these areas then “THE COMPLETION SEMINAR” will be recommended. This Seminar has been developed and presented by me for the last 28 years with about 3500 graduates.

More info about these modalities can be found on this website in their particular sections.

I have dedicated my work to being of service to those challenged by life and as I have been in such a challenging period myself I know very well how my clients feel and the concerns they may have about their future and the future of their families.

I am inviting you to INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU MEDICATE…..I am encouraging you to take responsibility for your health and find out what the obstacles to recovery are…once these obstacles have been identified you can focus on getting better.