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New approach to counselling in the Adelaide hills

There are many types of counselling available either through organisations, Clinics or individual providers. Counselling in the Adelaide Hills is designed to support one or more persons to understand their circumstances more clearly and discover practical solutions to whatever problem the client faces. This is usually done in a way that involves the mind, by helping the client to view the issues from different perspectives….this can be very helpful.At the Sunflower Clinic I have introduced a different form of counselling which I have termed.


In my thirty years of working with people I have learnt to understand that the human being is a very complex system of individual components….I know this sound very detached and clinical…let me explain.I believe that in order to truly transform ones understanding of Life, Self and all that comes with it we need to engage all aspects of our being….it is like going to have your car’s wheels balanced …no one would ever just have 2 or 3 wheels balanced as this would result in an uneven driving experience…the same applies to us as humans.

Effectively We Are Made Up of 4 Major Aspects:

The Mental body

The Emotional body

The Physical body

The Spiritual body

Each one of these components must be working in synergy in order for us to function powerfully and effectively in accordance with our abilities and talents. Balancing these bodies is my priority during a counselling session…each aspect is looked at as part of the whole and it is somewhat exciting to discover how these bodies work together and what happens when they are not aligned.

It does not matter what issue your are facing in your life …one thing will always become apparent: every one of these bodies mentioned earlier is somewhat involved and must consequently be taken into consideration when seeking balance.

It is a journey of discovery followed often by very profound realisations that will finally make sense of what has led again and again to similar results in the past.

Integrative counselling therefore is a holistic approach to creating clarity which in turn is needed to move beyond the limitations we were faced with before we had our four wheels balanced…so to speak.