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For the last 20 years I have been applying this safe and effective modality on many hundreds of clients…especially children…and I keep on being amazed by the way this modality seems to work so silently and subtle. I have had many clients who have recovered from persistent ailments after years of struggling to resolve the problem.

What is most often overlooked by the world of science is twofold:


This is not a medicine that can be subjected to the orthodox methods of validation…it is an Energy Medicine which by its nature cannot be tested by non-energetic means. It can be compared with any form of religion really because religion bases its proving on faith which scientifically is not seen as a validation of the existence of a Deity. Homeopathy in my opinion is based on principles that take us beyond the Physical into a realm which I call the Metaphysical realm( hence my interest in Metaphysical studies) We are by nature energetic beings( there is enough energy flowing through our body to light up a 100watt light bulb) and as such subject to energies in our environment which could have a positive or negative effect on our health.

Classical Homeopathy is therefore a medical modality( the 2nd most used medical model in the world) that uses energetic medicines attuned to the energy of our body and specifically chosen on the totality of all symptoms presented by the client. Again this relates to all aspects…Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. During a consultation it is my job to ascertain the particular symptoms and how they relate to these individual aspects and ensure that the medicine and potency chosen is corresponding to the symptoms and their intensity.


In order for Homoeopathic medicines to work it is vital to first remove the obstacles to recovery. This reality is often overlooked by not only the world of science but also by some Homoeopaths. We are all committed to serving our clients in the best way possible and we fail in our efforts only because we have not removed the obstacles to recovery.

For example:

If someone lives in a house that presents with dampness, mold and mustiness and the client comes in with breathing difficulties, allergic reactions to foods and in general, headaches and aches and pains I can prescribe the appropriate homoeopathic remedy without any long term success….this lack of success is then blamed on the lack of efficacy of this medical model instead of the continuous exposure to the same irritants.

Resolve the obstacle to recovery (the house in this case) and re-prescribe the same remedy to resolve the remaining symptoms fast, safely and effectively.

It is of course important to remember that as a Classical Homoeopath I do not treat diseases per say…especially chronic degenerative ones…but instead apply my skills to treat the person in a holistic way. You may ask “what does that mean?”

Let ‘s say someone comes to see me with a cancerous condition (which I do not treat)….my first objective is to get to know the client…his/her lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes, their environment, their mental/ emotional health, their relationships, family history, traumatic events etc.

Then my focus shifts to understanding the precursors to their problem…such as what happened prior ( that is even years before) to being diagnosed…then the obstacles to recovery….other symptoms accompanying the condition and as you can see I have not even mentioned the cancerous condition yet at all….cancer/disease is a consequence and as such it is my job to identify what preceded the current health crisis.

Classical Homeopathy does not treat disease/cancer per say but the person that is subject to the disease. Allopathic drugs are prescribed to treat disease by often suppressing the symptoms and it is clear to me that this is often what the client wants….please doctor make these symptoms go away …I don’t have time to be sick …as a homeopathic prescriber the symptoms are the most valuable communication from the body/client….able to lead me to the correct medicine.

I always say to my clients…let the baker do what the baker does….let the doctor do what the doctor does and let the Homoeopath do what they have been trained to do….to look after people and their health.

I firmly believe in allopathic medicine ….especially emergency medicine….what happens during emergency surgery is so amazing and life saving….let’s face it, I would not go to see a Homoeopath after breaking my leg…and I would see one though…in this case myself of course…to speed up my recovery.

I hope this info gives you a deeper insight into the field of Classical Homeopathy…please visit my other website which focuses mainly on Classical Homeopathy.