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I have undertaken several different treatments at the hands of the health master Hardo Bottin. The Colon Hydrotherapy left me feeling euphoric, and dropped a few kilo’s in weight over the coming week, as well as feeling lighter and more energetic. I have also had a live blood analysis which was fabulous to improve my diet and overall wellbeing. The hyperbaric chamber session another deeply relaxing and re-energising treatment, which comes highly recommended. Your health is your wealth, and Hardo does it so well, and with love.

Jake Duffield

I have known Hardo now for 25 years. I first met him when doing his course, The Completion Seminar. Since then I have cooked and assisted in the running of his seminars, attended many one day workshops with him, as well as attending his clinic for Homoeopathic treatment. Over the years I have gotten to know Hardo on both a professional and personal level and I know him as a man of integrity, honesty and compassion. Hardo is a very perceptive person and knows how to get to the depths of a person and what ever the obstacles may be which may hold them back from achieving the most from their life. Sometimes this may mean challenging and pushing buttons so that that person can see themselves clearly and how they respond or react to the challenges that they are faced with in life. For me this has been an empowering process to go through and I have learnt so much about myself and others from it. I am so grateful for the work that I have done with Hardo over the years, it has given so much more depth to my life and I am all the more enriched for it. Thank you Hardo, I know that I always have someone I can turn to to help me see the truth in any given situation and appreciate that you are always willing to give your very best that you can to others. Love to you and your family always. Joanne

Joanne Whitehead

I highly recommend the Sunflower Clinic and its Director, Hardo Bottin. I undertook “The Completion Seminar” in 2007 in the hope of managing ongoing depression. The course gave me a different way of thinking, a passion for life and I have not experienced depression since completing the course.

As well as “The Completion Seminar,” Hardo provides personal counselling which I utilise every three to six months. Hardo’s insight and guidance in these counselling sessions are invaluable. Hardo provides insightful perspectives to help me understand what is going on for me during challenging times and provides practical solutions to help me manage challenges.

Kendra Clancy

Wow… I have had the pleasure to know Hardo for over 20 yrs now. He has supported me through completion of the completion seminar that runs over two wkends it was not a picnic had to do a lot of work soul searching to be exact… Thank you Hardo what an experience it was the tools that I gained 20 yrs ago are still being emplimented in my daily life. I have been to your clinic and stayed up to 10 days at a time. Personally I find your professionalism and friendship unique and inspiring. Thank you for your honesty and understanding for all these years you have been a true friend. Look forward to coming back to Hahndorf very soon…(.in relation to comment from Louise Peacock. From my understanding, because of your mental health issues you were asked not to come back to the 2nd wk end of the completion seminar..you never completed the seminar please stop making these false unprofessional claims. I hope some day you find peace in yourself.)…..once again Hardo thank you and best of luck Kimberly.

Damon Kelly

I have had the pleasure of experiencing both the Completion Seminar in 1997 and a ten day stay at the clinic in the Adelaide hills to assist in creating optimal health whilst I face stage 4 cancer.
I credit Hardo and the Completion Seminar with saving my life. I was in my early 20’s and facing a messy separation when I participated in the Completion Seminar and I am certain that my depression would have seen me become either a victim of suicide of severe drug addiction, had I not discovered the root cause of my misery, the reasons why I perpetuated negative choices and how to break the cycle of self sabotage.
My ten day stay at the Sunflower clinic was both eye opening and transformative. I experienced several modalities, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, colon hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, live and dry blood analysis, Magnetic resonance therapy, Frequency therapy, and integrative counselling. On returning to Melbourne, oncology blood analysis revealed a positive response to the therapies I received at the Sunflower Clinic.

I highly recommend Hardo.

Rebekah Thomas