Did You Know? – The Important Task of Oxygen

June 12, 2019


The important task of Oxygen:


The air that we inhale is about 20-percent oxygen, and the air that we exhale is about 15-percent oxygen, so about 5-percent of the volume of air is consumed in each breath and converted to carbon dioxide. Therefore, a human being uses about 550 litres of pure oxygen (19 cubic feet) per day.


When you breathe, air enters microscopic air sacs in your lungs called alveoli.

Oxygen passes through the walls of the alveoli and into the bloodstream. The blood carries oxygen to cells throughout the body, where it helps convert nutrients into usable energy.


Therefore, if oxygen supply is restricted its impact is felt throughout the body such as fatigue, muddled thinking, forgetfulness, lack of vital energy and as mentioned before it creates a state of imbalance within the body that may lead to illness and disease.  


The air you breathe is not solely composed of oxygen. In fact, only about 20% to 22% of the air in the atmosphere is oxygen. Nitrogen makes up a whopping 78%.[4] The remaining 1% consists of argon, carbon dioxide, and other trace gases


Hence, once again, a lack of this vital element will reduce our ability to fend off disease by weakening our immune system and our ability to respond to environmental toxic challenges.

Another component of our blood is haemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen into the cells and tissue. Many times, when analysing someone’s blood, have I seen a lack of this vital element.

This lack of haemoglobin is adding insult to injury so to speak as it compounds the problem of hypoxia…deprivation of oxygen to cells and tissue.  


For your information: Oxygen and Iron is what makes your blood red. Blood without oxygen appears blue.


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