Thank you for considering visiting The Sunflower Clinic.

June 12, 2019

Thank you for considering visiting the Sunflower Clinic.


Let me explain a few facts that will help you understand the difference between The Sunflower Clinic and other health clinics.


  • First off the Sunflower Clinic is a holistic clinic which means that we focus on the whole body and not just the colon/gut like you find when visiting Colonic clinics.


It is very important to understand that the Gut is an organ and as such has a relationship with every other organ in the body.

For example:

If you have a congested bowel the toxins that are not being released need to find another exit or storage facility ( Lymphatic System ). The skin would be one of those organs. Toxins released through the skin may have all sort of symptoms from eczema to boils, from acne to body odour etc.

Another example would be pain of any kind. Pain is the signal the body sends to its boss upstairs so that you and I may investigate where the source of this pain originates. Just giving a pain killer is like shooting the messenger.

A holistic clinic focuses on finding the causation of discomfort, looks at all body systems and finds the means by which to support the body to repair itself by changing the internal terrain/environment.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an important part of our healing journey because the GUT is the cradle of health and disease. Make sure that whilst you have a Colon Hydrotherapy session that you are being treated with chemical free water. Absorbing fluoride and chlorine rectally  for 45 minutes is not adding value at all.


  • Make sure you are being looked after by a professional therapist who has a  sufficient medical science back ground ( at least 4 years of full time study. )
  • Ensure that the equipment in use is Australian made and registered with the TGA.
  • It is important in my opinion that each machine should have its own build-in heater in order to avoid hot water from flowing through the sensitive filters.
  • Ensure there is sufficient time to discuss your overall health because your gut issues may have their origin in another part of your body.
  • In order for healing to occur you and your therapist will have to establish a Therapeutic Relationship. If you do not want to look at your overall health then there are other commercial places where you may find temporary relieve. The Sunflower Clinic is a place where you feel safe, comfortable and nurtured whilst enjoying professional care.
  • Each modality offered at the Sunflower Clinic is designed to work in synergy with one another.
  • The Clinic is not engaging in any form of treatment for any illness or disease. The focus here is based on removing the obstacles to recovery.
  • Thank you for taking the time to visit the Sunflower Clinic website. I am looking forward to welcoming you here whenever you are ready.



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Thank you for considering visiting The Sunflower Clinic.

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