Did You Know? – Anxiety

June 12, 2019


Anxiety has become one of the most debilitating mental conditions around the world and it is not going to change unless we gain a deeper understanding as to what it is and where it comes from.

During my 28 years of conducting the Completion Seminar with around 3500 graduates my primary focus was to find ways by which to complete the past so that the here and now are no longer contaminated by unresolved issues from way back.

Anxiety is a state of mind and just like depression not an emotion.

The emotion associated with anxiety is fear. We experience anxiety when we think about the future…a reality which as jet as not come into being. As the future is unpredictable we anticipate the worst scenario mainly due to past experiences. We are concerned that all future events will turn out like the ones in the past. As an example we could use an Exam situation….having “failed” in the past would create anxiety about future exams….even though every exam is different and we may be much better prepared this time…and still we experience anxiety….because we do not know the outcome.

Our anxiety stems from a deeply seated belief that the past will repeat itself over and over again without the chance of being able to change the outcome. Consequently we have a tendency to attract situations into our life which are a reflection of what has occurred before.

For example a client tells me “ Why am I always attracting the same kind of person into my life”

Again we are trying to recreate the past in order to change the outcome hoping that this time it will be all different….and it never is.

So we become anxious about the future believing that it will not be any different than the past. Not knowing the outcome of a venture be it a relationship or a business etc. creates anxiety and uncertainty.

So what is this fundamental component that is missing in all anxious people?  

“Lack of TRUST”

Trusting the process of life is one of the most fundamental mental attitudes a person needs to have to successfully engage in daily life.

For example Trust in oneself, ones abilities, in God, in an individualised purpose etc.

In my experience this lack of trust leads people over and over again into situations and struggles which have their origin in their deeply seated desire to change the past.

This is a futile exercise because the events of the past cannot be changed as such. All we can do is change our perception of the past and move on with that new understanding.

It may sound simplistic and may be far fetched to some…in reality it is not like that at all.

Integrative Counselling will help to clarify your current situation and belief structures and by doing so you will become aware of your ever repeating patterns and realise how much these patterns have lead you down the wrong path in the past again and again.  


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