Did You Know? – Depression

June 12, 2019


The world we live in can be a very depressing and anxious place. It is suggested that up to 300 million people worldwide suffer depression… and to be honest when we listen to what is happening around the world one could see the reasons why.
Depression is widely seen as an emotion which it is NOT!
Yes there are emotions affiliated with depression and, in itself it is a state of mind.
In my more than 30 years of working as a Therapist I have seen and have been part of many thousands of people who at some stage or another were subject to Depression.

So what is depression?

When we drive along the road or freeway we sometimes come across a sign saying” undulating surface ahead”. You would ask why would anyone built a road that goes up and down?
Well, it was not build that way to start with. What happened over time is that the foundation onto which the road was build had succumb to the pressure from above For example: traffic, trucks etc.
The same is true for people ….when the pressures of life become greater than the foundation onto which we have built our lives it collapses. We end up in a “depression”….or a hole so to speak and all we see are walls and darkness.

Medication does not strengthen our foundation but artificially raises us up out of the hole and we start to float above the abyss.

As soon as we stop the meds we are free falling straight back into the hole. No doubt it keeps the industry in business.

In my humble opinion Depression is to a great extend due an ever deepening spiritual disconnection.

Please reflect on this for a few moments…it’s worth it! Reconnecting with your source will strengthen your base, your foundation and will help you see more clearly what is happening around you.
Integrative Counselling here at the Sunflower Clinic will help individuals and couples discover how to consolidate their foundation.

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